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Freelancing for Beginners: Here’s How It’s Done

I have been noodling the topic of freelancing for beginners in my head for a while. I have been working freelance or on a 1099 off and on for 12 years. Sometimes while having a full time job at the same time. (The ComboApp years. On the 93rd floor of the Sears Tower. I still freelance for them! Dmitry is my homie!!)

I was thinking about Covid-19 and how many people have been thrown out of work. Many have turned to freelancing. Also many people have been pushed into being part time remote workers because of the virus.

When I was laid off of my cushy tech job in 2008 (during the last recession,) I was a wreck. I didn’t know what to do or how to get another job. And, my savings and unemployment burned up like flash paper.

As a baby freelancer, I wished there was someone who could hold my hand. And, walk me through how to become a good freelancer. I did have this excellent book by Michelle Goodman to help guide the way. But a book only gets you so far. I had many great successes and so so many bad, bad failures.

It is now my turn to share what I have learned about over the years with you, the freelance beginner. Or, the full-time worker who wants to find new or transition a current career into freelance/remote work. These are the freelance tips and tricks I work by. I hope they help you realize your working in your jammies- while watching Bravo- not wearing makeup- spending more time with your kids- pursuing your passion project dreams.