This Is a Mommy Blog. But, Am I Mommy Blogger?

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about what exactly this blog is. Is it a Mommy Blog? Am I a Mommy Blogger? Or, is this site just like every other blog I have ever written in my life – a narcissistic diary for me to review my own life on? Does my writing have a direction?

Obviously, I write because I have to write. It’s in my makeup, my DNA. I don’t lack for topics, as I can always word vomit out some bullshit about my life and form it into a coherent narrative.

2 thoughts on “This Is a Mommy Blog. But, Am I Mommy Blogger?

  1. Susan

    Some do. A cousin of my ex—with five kids—moved into a new house. Within a week she had curtains up that she made. Managed to take boys to hockey and one daughter to figure skating , then get them all to school, keep an immaculate house (without help!) Same after school, I imagine…take them all to in and ouT of town meets, competitions…..

    1. Kate Post author

      But, was she working? I imagine I could do that all if I only had to focus on being a good mom and wife. Sadly, I cannot do that.


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